James Brown- King Heroin(All Parts)

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This is the three part song put all into one. Please enjoy.

Kellie Levåns‘s insight:

Wow, I am in total amazement , here I just start listening to 89.1 WBSDfm in my office (home) James Brown comes on and I go to immediate turn it off-and I stop saying to myself -wow here I have the opportunity to learn about a man who’s music is the base of Rock and Roll , and I stopped and I was in awe for here was a song -talking about our entire cause Stop Heroin , Burlington, Wisconsin Chapter Stop Heroin WI StopHeroin.net http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owJGSyhMT0UMilwaukee Rock Music Examiner , Kellie Levans a.k.a Kidkel69

help us here -3 mothers who have lost there baby’s in the same year and me, a mother who was spared the grieve as we support my daughter in forced recovery http://www.rockexaminer.com/projecthelp 

Did James brown have an addiction? I new nothing of this-I thought he struggled with alcohol and Cocaine 

See on www.youtube.com


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